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Filters allow you to modify contrasts and highlights, soften wrinkles on your subject's complexion, and adjust how light flares are produced by your lenses. You can even get a look similar to anamorphic horizontal flare without renting out expensive equipment!

Filters are essential for any cinematographer, and LA-based Prism Lens FX offers a vast selection of budgeted options. How do these filters impact your visuals? And what kind of quality can you expect from such an affordable price tag? Let's explore the possibilities!

Prism Lens FX Quick Guide

Aspect Pros Cons
Affordability Easy on the wallet but still top-notch quality.
Visual Effects Cool effects to spice up your shots. Might need more options for filter strength.
Product Range Something for every shooter, be it film or photos. Extra bits like stepping rings may be needed for some lenses.
Quality vs. Cost High-quality effects without spending a fortune.

Prism Lens FX Filters

Before I discovered Prism Lens FX, the idea that filtration could be obtained without spending hundreds of dollars per filter was a foreign concept. But now I have seen with my own eyes how this company has managed to revolutionize the industry by creating filters at an affordable rate while still offering products that can rival those costing three times as much! Furthermore, they offer several unique looks and styles unparalleled by other companies. It's no wonder why Prism Lens FX is making such a significant impact on filmmakers and photographers alike.


prism lens fx dream fx filter

The Dream FX Filter Review

As an artist, I'm most interested in using Dream FX Filter. Intended to rival Tiffen's Black Pro-Mist and Schneider's Hollywood Black Magic series, this filter is priced at $125.00 for the 4×5.65 size--considerably more affordable than its counterparts.


Although opinions may vary, all three filters have a common goal: to reduce the over-sharpness of digital sensors and modern lenses that are not always flattering for your subject. These filter types do this by blurring highlights, lightening contrast, and smoothing skin textures - taking the edge off any harsh tones. – The Dream FX Filter is a 'dream' to use.


The Dream FX Filter. by Prism Lens FX is an advantageous choice as it comes in the industry-standard 4X5.65 matte box size and a 77mm version that can be adapted with stepping rings to any DSLR lens or Mirrorless lens size you need. Don't worry--Prism Lens FX sells those rings too!

The Dream FX Filter is an impressive lens that imparts a captivating character to your images. It's only available in one strength, so if you're looking for more flexibility when customizing your pictures' look, other brands may be better suited for what you need. However, given its competitive price tag—$125 for 4X5.65 and $60 for the 77mm version—the Prism Lens FX Dream FX filter provides fantastic value.


Prism Lens FX Kaleidoscope

Split Diopter, Starburst and Kaleidoscope FX Filters

I got my hands on some of Prism Lens FX's "fun filters," such as a 77mm Split Diopter, Starburst, and 77mm Kaleidoscope. These filters all have unique looks that are perfect for particular projects, and the Dream FX Filter is still the most widely used one, though.

Two of the film's most iconic examples of split diopters are Citizen Kane and All The President's Men. While these filters can be pricey, you can get one from Prism Lens FX for just $65! Split diopter lenses allow filmmakers to keep two distinct elements within their frame simultaneously sharp using a piece of special convex glass.


Setting Up a Split Diopter Filter

Setting up a split diopter requires precision and planning, but when done correctly can produce stunningly creative shots. Put in the time to ensure you get all of your angles correct for tremendous results.

Not only does JJ Abrams love a well-used lens flare, but so do the rest of us! The 77mm Starburst filter creates an exciting 4-pointed effect from even one hard light source. If you're looking for that classic horizontal Bladerunner look, this isn't it - however, Prism Lens FX is currently developing something similar to Schneider's True Streak filters.

If you purchase the Starburst flare filter, it's worth exploring its varied character by opening and closing the aperture.


The Prospect of Utilizing a Powerful FX Filter

As a Director of Photography, the prospect of utilizing a powerful filter to further strengthen an image I have meticulously crafted before submission for post-production is extremely attractive. We know how pliable modern digital footage can be once it enters the post-production stage. You could take an image from one set and then present it to a post house which would modify it completely; let's only begin discussing altering the composition of an 8K picture if you involve with a cinematographer!

If a DP is the true master of their image, then utilizing glass filtration in front of their lenses gives them an even greater sense of ownership and control over the final product. That being said, it's essential to be transparent with this decision-making process throughout production; that way, there are no surprises when it comes time to unveil the project.

Suppose you are a Cinematographer or a Director having those all-too-important creative conversations with your DP. In that case, you can head down to B&C Camera or shop Prism Lens FX filters on our website to see what products suit your project.

Prism Lens FX is putting creative freedom back into the hands of independent videographers, photographers, and filmmakers.


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