I Shoot Therefore I Am

The story of B&C Camera begins in 1971, when the original owners, Brandt & Council, started a little camera repair shop on the corner of S 3rd Street and E Imperial Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This little shop turned 50 years old in July 2021. Our current owner, Joe Dumic, has not only beefed up the brick-and-mortar store but continues to steer us confidently into the New Age of photography, videography, and business in general.


Joe stumbled upon B&C Camera during a wander-lusting tour of the United States in 2009. Originally from Germany, he made a stop in Las Vegas after visiting Hawaii, where he’d accidentally dropped his lens while hiking. (We’ve all been there!) In Vegas, he was lucky to find B&C Camera where he could buy a replacement lens. And it very well could have ended there — another happy photographer with a kickin’ new wide-angle lens on his camera — but Mrs. Edda Brandt (also from Germany) mentioned to her fellow countryman that she was looking to retire. Joe had just left the banking world and was looking for his next adventure; wouldn’t he like to combine his passion for photography with his work? How does “Joe Dumic, Camera Store Owner” sound to you, my friend?


A tourist broke his lens and needed a new one. That’s how the next chapter of B&C Camera’s story began, and how many chapters have begun over the decades we’ve been in business. That’s what we’re all about; we’re a pit-stop for photographers and videographers, whether local or just passing through, to help them get what they need, get back out there, and keep shooting. Your passion doesn’t exist within the four walls of our store. We’re your crew, your trusty sidekick, your… well, your caddy, if you’re a golfer? We’ll let you in on the secrets, we’ll keep our ear to the ground—we’ll let you know what’s up with the craft, so you can go out and make the art. Joe wanted to marry his passion to his work, and that’s what we want for you, too. That’s why we’re here, why we’ve thrived for so long, and why we’ve got a wonderful future in our sights.


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