Dubblefilm Review - B&C Camera

Dubblefilm Review

Vanessa DeRousseau

Dubblefilm is a creative company that produces special effects films and neat analog cameras. Dubblefilm launched in 2017 with a mission to bring fun and thrill to the analog film world. Dubblefilm created a unique and memorable line of film textures that...

Best Lens for Landscape Photography - B&C Camera

Best Lens for Landscape Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

Landscape photographers frequently search for the best lenses to capture the beautiful scenery around them. Having a good lens can instantly improve your photograph - a good lens is also considered by some to be more important than...

Revolog Film - B&C Camera

Revolog Film

Vanessa DeRousseau

Revolog is a unique film roll company based out of Austria that creates special effects films. These film rolls are handmade with precision and are high quality. They currently have...

Rode NTH-100 Headphones Review - B&C Camera

Rode NTH-100 Headphones Review

Vanessa DeRousseau
If you are in the video production world, there is no doubt that you have heard of the brand Rode. Their new over-ear headphone recently hit the market and has quite an impressive...
Best Lens for Car Photography - B&C Camera

Best Lens for Car Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

Car photography has a lot of emphasis on the details. Whether you are photographing a still car or one speeding through a track. You need to have a lens that can be versatile, just like car photography.

Best Lens for Real Estate Photography - B&C Camera

Best Lens for Real Estate Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

If you are a real estate photographer or looking at diving into that genre, you may wonder what lens is best for you. Real Estate photography, similar to product photography, relies heavily on your ability to meet the client's needs so they can sell something. Because of this, you might need to have a...

Best Lenses for Filming Professional Interviews - B&C Camera

Best Lenses for Filming Professional Interviews

Kris Krainock

The best approach to listening to someone's story is through their own words. An interview is the greatest method to link pertinent knowledge and a personal face, whether it's hearing a documentary-style recapping of events or getting…

Promaster Tripods - B&C Camera

Promaster Tripods

Vanessa DeRousseau
Promaster has been around for more than sixty years, and that is sixty years of manufacturing high-quality products with impeccable customer service. Each Promaster tripod can withstand long-time use due to its...
Film Photography Project - B&C Camera

Film Photography Project

Vanessa DeRousseau

Film Photography Project is one of the neatest companies to help put the professional film industry back on the map. Not only are their film rolls crafted to perfection, but the...

Why are Leica Cameras so Expensive - B&C Camera

Why are Leica Cameras so Expensive

Vanessa DeRousseau
Leica cameras are a leader in the photography industry and are notorious for exquisite photos. With that being said, they can also come with a hefty price tag that might leave you speechless...
Nanlite Review - B&C Camera

Nanlite Review

Vanessa DeRousseau
Nanlite is a brand of LED lights and accessories that will help you achieve all of your photo goals! Depending on your scenery, having the proper lighting equipment can make or break your photograph. There is no bummer like realizing during post-processing that the photo you took...
Wandrd Review - B&C Camera

Wandrd Review

Vanessa DeRousseau
Wandrd is a brand of photography bags for those who frequent the outdoors. They are great for everyday use and travel photography, especially in r...

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