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Creating a fog or smokey look through photography will give you an eery, dreamy, or even an ethereal feel to your images. 

However, the problem with this concept is actually creating fog and smoke. How do you do it? Smoke bombs? Well, smoke bombs aren't great for the lungs to inhale, so..what else? Atmosphere Aerosol!




Atmosphere Aerosol  

Atmosphere Aerosol

Atmosphere Aerosol is a lightweight spray can that will give you a foggy, smoke-like substance. As opposed to real smoke, this is safe to breathe in, and however, you don't want to ingest or continuously breathe it in. Atmosphere Aerosol is a non-toxic product (however, do not ingest it). Atmosphere Aerosol will also keep stains at bay since all the ingredients are clear.


Atmosphere Aerosol was created by a husband and wife, Joe and Kathleen. As professional wedding photographers, they wanted to come up with a way to create a beautiful but safe way to incorporate hazy fogs into their photographs. They were also searching for a way to make this easy to carry around.


Why should you purchase Atmosphere Aerosol?

  1. It lasts longer than a smoke bomb! Each time I've used a smoke bomb, the smoke is nearly gone the second after I light the wick. This has led to many frustrations trying to scurry around and capture a photograph. When I tried Atmosphere Aerosol (not on a windy day), I had more time to gather myself and take a picture since the haze stayed around. Depending on how frequently you shoot and want this effect, a single can could last a decent amount of time.
  2. Another considerable benefit of Atmosphere Aerosol is that it's lightweight. You could always purchase a fog machine but man, imagine hauling that thing around with you. You can simply pop a can in your camera bag and go on with your day. 
  3. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also super easy to use. You could try and work a fog machine or simply spritz some fog in a can. Easy peasy, mac-n-cheezy.
  4. Add an almost-natural dimension to your scenery. Instead of adding mist, fog, or smoke during post-processing, use Atmosphere Aerosol during a shoot. 



How to use Atmosphere Aerosol

According to the Atmosphere Aerosol website, this is how you properly use their product:

  1. Before using, shake the can well.
  2. Spray the area for about 20 seconds or more as needed.
  3. Atmosphere Aerosol will linger in the air for minutes for photos and films. 
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Backlighting is required to see the Atmosphere Aerosol haze. Position and amount of light will determine the look of the fog or smoke.
  5. Re-spray as needed.


Atmosphere Aerosol Tips

• If you're using it outdoors, make sure the sun is lower (for example, during the morning or evening). Using the spray when the sun is lower will give you illumination. Envision a photograph of light hitting a row of trees. Usually, the light will break into several beams instead of one. Adding that haze during this will make it seem like you can reach into the photograph and grab those light beams.


• For indoor photography, always keep a window open nearby to ensure a smoke alarm doesn't go off. Although the website states that Atmosphere Aerosol shouldn't set off any smoke alarms. You will also want to try and grab the photograph near natural light from a window. Usually, when the light beams cause shadows on the floor with a bright light shining, it is a sign to snapping your camera.


• When shooting indoors but you only have access to artificial light, you can still create the illusion of an actual sun by using Atmosphere Aerosol. For artificial lights, invest in speed lights, strobe lights, or even video lights. This spray will give you the surprising look of sun that artificial light on its own won't be able to provide.


• You can also use color gels with Atmosphere Aerosol to add an extra dimension and creativity to your photos. A color gel is a light modifier that needs to be placed directly over your artificial light source, and the transparent colored material will give off neat colored effects to your scenes. You can purchase color-corrections, non-corrective and color-effect gels.


• Since Atmosphere Aerosol's ingredient list contains propane, butane, and mineral oil, it is flammable. Although it is safe and non-toxic, you will want to keep any sources of fire far from the can.


Atmosphere Aerosol  is a nifty tool all photographers should purchase. Under $15, this can will you an innovative element to add to your photographs when you feel like they will need that extra oomph!


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