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The success of your Etsy store relies heavily on the quality of your product photos. This is especially true for jewelry photography, which can be challenging to capture correctly. Photographing sparkling gems and glittering metals can be daunting, and many people believe it takes additional skill compared to other product types, such as fashion or furniture.


With the proper techniques and equipment, you can capture stunning photos that showcase the beauty and detail of your jewelry pieces and help your Etsy shop stand out.


If you've ever tried to take pictures of jewelry or have seen how others do it for their shops, you know that these images take work. But with the proper techniques and equipment, you can capture stunning photos that showcase the beauty and detail of your jewelry pieces and help your Etsy shop stand out.



How to Photograph Jewelry for Etsy:

  1. Use a clean and simple background to make the jewelry stand out.
  2. Use natural light or a softbox to create even lighting and avoid harsh shadows.
  3. Use a tripod to keep the camera steady and ensure sharp focus.
  4. Experiment with different angles and distances to find the best composition.
  5. Use a macro lens or close-up filter to capture small details and textures.
  6. Edit your photos to enhance color, brightness, and contrast.
  7. Use a consistent style for all your jewelry photos to create a cohesive look for your shop.


With the correct techniques and equipment, it is possible to take jewelry pictures just like a professional without hiring one! This article will give you all the advice to master photographing jewelry. So prepare for your crash course on capturing stunning images of jewels like an expert!


It's unnecessary to break the bank with expensive equipment to capture stunning jewelry photos. You can craft your own photography kit and produce fantastic product images using only a few tools. Let us guide you through each element required for your next jewelry shoot!


Recommended Equipment for Your Etsy Jewelry Shoot

The Camera:

You don't have to invest in an expensive camera or lens to get good jewelry images. You could execute a successful shoot with your trusty smartphone. However, we highly recommend investing in a professional camera setup to ensure your Etsy shop stands out. It just depends on what kind of quality you want. Instagram worthy? Use your phone? Selling a product or putting your images on your Etsy store? Spring for a proper (and modern) mirrorless camera


The Tripod:

While shaking your camera during a photoshoot is normal, don't let that deter you! A simple and effective way of avoiding camera shakes is by using a tripod. This device will keep the camera steady and secure, so you can use optimal aperture and ISO settings for stunning images. Best of all? You can find one at our shop for less than $50 - an inexpensive yet invaluable investment in your photography endeavors.


The Table:

No need to splurge on something lavish. A simple folding table within the 24 and 27 inches range in width should suffice.


The Foam Board:

Capturing an alluring photograph of a product can be troublesome due to the shadowing that occurs. To make soft lighting, utilize a white foam board to bounce back light into those shadowy areas for more even illumination and easily capture your desired image!


Okay – you've got the right stuff. Now, how do you photograph jewelry for Etsy? 


Now that you have all the necessary tools, it's time to create some photographic art! If you want your jewelry photos to shine, take advantage of these simple steps.


Use a Clean and Simple Background

Where do you envision your professional home studio? If there is a nearby window with great natural light, position the table at 90 degrees against it. Behind your jewelry should be an even sweep or white paper background that can easily be held in place by tape stuck to either a wall, brick, or wooden block. Your camera and tripod must then face directly toward the jewelry and sweep for optimal results.


Use Natural Light or a Softbox

You won't need to worry about extra lighting if your room has natural light. On the other hand, if not, it's best to set up the artificial lights at a 45-degree angle from your jewelry piece. Place a softbox or light tent in front of a light source(s) to ensure that the illumination is even and soft on your product. In case there are shadows behind what you're shooting when using this technique - move closer to the camera (and further away from sweep) for better outcomes. 


Experiment with Different Angles and Distances

If this is your initial experience with jewelry product photography, utilizing a white background would be an appropriate first step. However, it's essential to remember that you're free to explore and experiment! As the photographer for your very own store of jewelry pieces, it may be advantageous to try out different props and textures to produce captivating images. Possible options include stands or ring holders and simple textured backgrounds, marble slabs, and taking group photos incorporating other accessories.

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Clean and Polish Your Jewelry

Before beginning the photoshoot, clean and polish your jewelry sparkle. A perfect lighting setup combined with a mirrorless camera or DSLR camera will capture every detail of your pieces, thus, making it imperative that you devote attention here. When holding them, wipe down the metal and stones one last time before placing each element in the center of the sweep's flat area - leave some space for including a white reflector later on! To avert any delays or reshoots caused by dirt and smudges: wear cotton gloves while handling these jewels as an extra precautionary measure.


Understand Your Camera's Settings

If you take the time to adjust your camera's settings correctly, it will make a massive difference in the quality of your final photos. At least one image must feature complete clarity across all aspects; if you can access manual adjustments, set the aperture to no less than f/10 and ISO as low as possible (such as 100). This high-aperture / low-ISO combination ensures sharpness and detail for viewers, inspiring their trust in what they see.

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Ready for the perfect shot? To capture your jewelry in its best light, angle your camera down and position lights slightly above the product. All of your lighting sources must be set to equivalent power levels - otherwise, you'll risk ending up with unevenly lit areas on the frame. With this technique, you're bound to get a stunning photograph.


Edit Your Photos

Retouching is the key to giving your photos that extra something special. If editing is outside your skill set, you can enlist a professional from websites like Fiverr or Upwork for quick results. Plenty of free resources are available online for those who want to learn more about photo editing and its complexities! Regardless if you choose to become an expert in this art form or master the basics - retouching will take any image to a new level.


Crafting a gorgeous jewelry Etsy store is simpler than you may think. You don't need an expensive setup or studio to get the job done right - all you require are a quality camera, appropriate lighting, a white backdrop, and photo editing software. With less than a few hundred dollars, your starter studio can be easily constructed. As your business expands and becomes more sophisticated with time, so can your equipment; upgrade to higher-quality tools as needed!


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