How Photography Helps Mental Health - B&C Camera

How Photography Helps Mental Health

Vanessa DeRousseau
Dealing with mental health and talking about it has become less taboo and widely accepted. Because of this, people seek more resources and hobbies to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression...
Indoor Photography Settings - B&C Camera

Indoor Photography Settings

Vanessa DeRousseau
Taking photographs indoors can come with a few snags. You won't have the luxury of gorgeous natural light from the sun pouring on you. Knowing your camera settings is the best way to achieve...
How to Photograph Planes - B&C Camera

How to Photograph Planes

Vanessa DeRousseau
Planes are frightening and exciting simultaneously, and people are captivated by them - not just in person but also in photos! Aviation photography is a riveting genre that will garner the attention of many enthusiasts, and the downside is that...
How to Clean Camera Lens - B&C Camera

How to Clean Camera Lens

Kris Krainock
One of the most critical elements affecting picture quality is the state of your camera lenses. Clean lenses result in sharper and crisper photographs and tend to survive longer than unclean ones for obvious reasons. As a result...
Create Moody Portraits with LED Lights - B&C Camera

Create Moody Portraits with LED Lights

Kris Krainock

Without light, photography would be impossible. Different types of light produce different results. For moody portraits, you can use natural light from the sun or traditional strobe lights. But you can also use constant LED lights, which…

Photography Smoke Bombs Tips - B&C Camera

Photography Smoke Bombs Tips

Kris Krainock
Smoke bomb photography has been quite popular and is not going away soon. Photographers have utilized smoke to create ambiance or provide a quick pop of color in portrait, landscape, and abstract pictures. Smoke bombs are...
Pin Hole Photography - B&C Camera

Pin Hole Photography

Kris Krainock

Try pinhole photography if you've fallen into a photography rut. It's entertaining and easy to do, making it an excellent method to get your creative juices flowing. Pinhole photography may be a good fit for those looking to...

Ring Lights for Product Photography - B&C Camera

Ring Lights for Product Photography

Kris Krainock
Ring lights are used by professional photographers for various effects, and they are one of the most essential pieces of equipment that photographers maintain in their studios. Products may appear...
How to Make Cool Effects with Colored Gels - B&C Camera

How to Make Cool Effects with Colored Gels

Kris Krainock
If you're bored of the typical studio setup with only white light, strobes, and diffusers, it's time to add some color to your portraits! In this article, discover how easy it is to use colored gels to spice up your pictures and...
Beauty Product Photography - B&C Camera

Beauty Product Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

Many people are more focused now - than ever before on beauty products and cosmetics. Companies are eager to put energy into their advertisements - product photography.  Cha-ching! Another way to put extra cash in your pocket is by providing...

YouTube Tips for Beginners - B&C Camera

YouTube Tips for Beginners

Kris Krainock
Making a YouTube video may appear intimidating to those who are inexperienced with video marketing. If you've already used YouTube, you may be seeking methods to improve your video's performance. In either situation, you've come to the...
How to Make Your Photos Look How Your Eyes See - B&C Camera

How to Make Your Photos Look How Your Eyes See

Kris Krainock

Your camera is a clever technology that may capture photos in various rugged circumstances. But strangely - frustratingly - it can be difficult to convey something in a photograph how you actually see it with your own eyes.

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