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Couples can use engagement photos to celebrate their love and anticipation for their future together. Although conventional engagement photo shoots usually feature beautiful scenery and traditional poses, it's possible to add personal flair and originality to your shoot.


This blog post will provide unique suggestions for engagement photos to help you capture the true essence of your relationship remarkably.


Happy couple riding their bikes towards the camera

Unconventional Engagement Photo Ideas:

  • Urban exploration shoots
  • Nature shoots
  • Themed aventure shoots
  • Movement/Dance themed shoots
  • Weird but meaningful location shoots
  • Unconventional wardrobe shoots
  • Intimate home shoots


As a photographer, I love creatively capturing unconventional ideas in engagement photo shoots. Recently, a couple asked me to photograph them while dressed up as Star Wars characters. I was thrilled at the chance to combine their love for each other with their shared passion for the legendary saga.


I eagerly accepted the challenge and imagined a beautiful intergalactic setting with poses inspired by legendary scenes. Photography can capture a couple's journey, like a Star Wars fantasy, even if it's unique and unconventional. This experience reinforced the power of photography for me.


Okay, let's take a closer look at these ideas…


close up of a couple hugging and making silly faces in the street

Urban Exploration

Try something different for your outdoor photography and explore the city. Look for colorful street art, interesting buildings, and lesser-known spots that will make a unique background. Capture your love among the lively energy of the urban setting with various techniques like different angles, reflections, and cityscapes. These styles will add a modern and daring feeling to your pictures.

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A man reaching his hand to a women sitting with a white umbrella in the middle of a field

Nature's Abundance

Although outdoor locations are often used for engagement shoots, you can make your photos more unique by exploring the unconventional side of nature. You could try shooting in a wildflower-filled field, a dense forest, or underwater in a serene lake or ocean. Connect with the beauty of nature and allow it to serve as a magical backdrop that reflects the depth and tranquility of your love.

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A couple dressed in 80s outfits dancing

Themed Adventure

Add a fun touch to your engagement photos by choosing a theme or activity representing your common interests. You could go for a light-hearted picnic in a field, a throwback carnival look, or an arcade reminiscent of the '80s. Including a theme in your photoshoot will make it more enjoyable and bring out your special personality. Remember to dress appropriately and use props that complement the music.

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Intimate moment of a couple hugging and in the middle of a street on a rainy day

Motion and Movement

Try capturing movement and dynamics instead of static poses to make your engagement photos more lively. You can include fun activities like dancing, biking, or playing in the rain. Your photographer can capture candid moments that showcase the joy and motion of the experience, revealing the essence of your relationship.

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Gay couple smiling and drinking coffee at a local coffee shop

Meaningful Locations

Choose locations with a special personal connection to your relationship rather than just popular landmarks. These could include where you first met, your preferred coffee shop, or the park where you had your first date. Opting for places with sentimental value will add a deep nostalgia to your photos, making them even more memorable.

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Wide low angle photo of a couple dressed in day of the dead outfits

Unconventional Wardrobe

Feel free to ditch the traditional engagement attire and choose unique outfit choices. Get creative with bright colors, bold patterns, or even cosplay-inspired ensembles that showcase your shared interests. Choosing clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable while reflecting your individuality and personal style is important.

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Close up portrait of a happy couple at home

Intimate Home Session

Consider having a cozy and intimate engagement photo shoot in the comfort of your own home to capture precious moments filled with warmth and love. You can cuddle on the couch, cook in the kitchen, or have tea together. These simple moments can turn into beautiful and heartfelt photographs.

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What kind of tools you'll need as a photographer to be ready for any creative and unusual Engagement Photo Shoot Session:


Engagement Photo Shoot Session Equipment

To be ready to grab stunning engagement photos, it's important to have the right camera equipment. The gear you choose will depend on your shooting style and preferences, but some essential pieces of equipment are perfect for any engagement photo shoot.



To get high-quality and detailed photographs with good performance in low light, it's recommended to use a dependable and versatile mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera that has a full-frame sensor. For portraits with beautiful bokeh and sharp details, using a fast prime lens like 50mm or 85mm is best.


Lens, Tripod, and Accessories

Also, having a wide-angle lens for taking pictures of the environment and highlighting picturesque locations is useful. A stable tripod is necessary for long exposures to ensure sharp and accurately framed shots. Pack extra batteries, memory cards with sufficient storage space, and a portable external flash for better lighting in difficult conditions.


Camera Bag

Finally, choose a comfortable camera bag to keep your equipment organized and protected throughout the session. The key is to select gear that matches your style and enables you to capture the couple's love story with creativity and precision.



Take advantage of your engagement photos to capture the essence of your love and personality. You can make them unique by exploring unconventional ideas and being creative. You can showcase your relationship by venturing into the city, appreciating nature's beauty, or incorporating themes and activities that are meaningful to you. While doing so, remember to be yourself, enjoy the process, and let your love shine in each picture.


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