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When most people think of wedding photography, the first things that come to mind are the posed photos taken before and after the ceremony. These are the shots taken while the bridal party is getting ready, the group shots, family photos, and the bride and groom portraits. These are those traditional yet formal photos necessary for a great wedding album. However, there's another type of photography that is crucial to having a memorable album - candid photos! 


What are Candid Photographs?

Candid photographs are the ones that capture raw emotions. Candid photography is all about snapping photos of people or events in a super natural and unscripted way. The goal is to capture moments that feel genuine and true-to-life without anyone posing or knowing they're in the shot. Basically, it's all about capturing those real, raw moments you might miss if you're too busy trying to get the perfect pose.

You get the glimmer and hope in everyone's eyes, the pure joy and excitement from laughter, or something totally random like the photo above. You will need a keen and quick eye to catch these moments. This requires you to be mindful of your surroundings and not look at your phone and daze off. You never know when that perfect moment will hit, so you must be ready to constantly rock and roll throughout the wedding day.


Candid photography is all about snapping photos of people or events in a super natural and unscripted way. The goal is to capture moments that feel genuine and true-to-life without anyone posing or knowing they're in the shot.

How to Capture Candid Moments at a Wedding?

  1. Have a backup photographer to help you when you need it.

  2. Candid shots shouldn't only be taken during the reception.

  3. Have a plan of action.

  4. Savor the silly moments.

  5. Invest in your equipment.

  6. Take as many pictures as possible.


If you are new to the event and wedding photography game, here are a few tips to help you be successful. You should know how to work your camera inside and out and understand the basics of composition and posing. The tidbits below help you better understand how to catch those candid moments that will make your bride and groom more than satisfied with your job.


Have a Backup Photographer to Help You When You Need It

Unfortunately, you can't teleport or clone yourself. And until that science comes to fruition, you need a backup plan. The best thing you can do is have a colleague or friend who knows how to take photos to be there as a secondary shooter for candid shots. You can have an additional fee to compensate that photographer, which will be an investment worth taking.


Candid Shots Shouldn't Only be Taken During the Reception

Pay attention to the wedding party and guests before, after, and during the ceremony. Constantly observe guests, especially the important ones like grandparents or special people. You might see someone's nana in the pews with a beautiful and emotional facial expression. These are also photos to create long-lasting memories for the bride and groom.

Try to be incognito since many people get shy around a camera. Another great time to take photos is at the end of the ceremony. This is when guests congratulate and hug the bride and groom. One of my favorite pictures from my wedding is where my mother-in-law is hugging me (who has since passed), and we are both happily crying. Photos like this are such great moments that we can hold onto forever.

While you're taking posed photographs of the bride and groom, your backup photographer can take this opportunity to snap shots during cocktail hour.


Have a Plan of Action

Plan as much as you can. Before the wedding, scout the location to get a feel for the area. Think about where the bride and groom will take their posed photographs and what the general flow of the day will look like. Always be one step ahead of your client and anticipate their moves. And remember, carry a small journal around with you with the notes you took so you remember your plan.


Savor the Silly Moments

Remember the silly moments throughout the day - don't just capture the emotional times. Take photographs of the ring bearer and flower girl playing or running around. Another opportunity is the groom and groomsmen or bride and bridesmaids having a drink and laughing. 


Invest in Your Equipment

Take your money and put it into a fantastic zoom lens. This is another excellent way to take candid photos from afar. Since you can't be everywhere simultaneously, you can try to get pictures from a decent distance. And this is another way to get those guests that will try to shy away from the camera.


Take as Many Pictures as Possible

Snap away and keep snapping. Have you ever heard the saying, "the more, the merrier?" Well, that absolutely applies to this. You would rather have more photographs than you planned for, and having more than enough leaves little room for error when thinking you should have taken more. Even if some candid photographs turn out funky, you should have an arsenal of candids.


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