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Wandrd is a brand of photography bags for those who frequent the outdoors. They are great for everyday use and travel photography, especially in rugged terrain where you could potentially damage your equipment. 


Wandrd, created by two brothers, wanted their products to hold up to all of their photography adventures. The brothers designed functional and rugged bags, but they also wanted them to look stylish. 


And, Wandrd was born!


wandrd creators three brothers


I love a good company that is family-owned and spotlights the efforts of its employees. It is highly commendable to see a company feature their Vietnamese business partners and the employees who sew their products. 


We all want quality products, but we also want to know the companies we are giving our money to have integrity.


Wandrd has a long list of bags that include:

Hexad Duffel Backpacks

• Prvke Lite


Veer Packable Bag

D1 Fanny Pack

Detour Hip Pack


Each bag is uncomplicated and has sleek designs with timeless color options. They make a wide variety of bags, but they also have accessories for your bags.




I have recently used the Prvke and Hexad bag and can not say enough good things about it. 



The Prvke Lite backpack is a roll-top and has water-resistant features, and it comes with different bundle options to suit your needs. The Prvke bag is perfect for the everyday traveler while giving ample room for your camera, gear, and whatever other items you would need. 


Here are some features of the Prvke Lite:

  • Easily access your camera
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Water bottle and tripod pocket
  • Expandable Rolltop
  • Made from waterproof tarpaulin and ballistic nylon


Packing Abilities

The Prvke bag has the perfect amount of pockets. With an interior mesh pocket, a fleece-lined pouch, and a camera cube, you will stay on top of your organization with this bag. 



Overall, the Prvke bag's comfort is unbeatable, and it is ergonomically on point with its wide padded straps.


Even when packed to the brim, this bag held all of the weight evenly. A recommendation I have is getting the waist belt with this bag to give added support. The significantly think stitching adds to the fact that it is beyond durable - those stitches won't be popping! 


Besides the fact that it is a durable bag, one of my favorite features of this bag is its style. I love its sleek, simple, and functional design, and this bag has the perfect aesthetic. 


Hexad Access Duffel Backpack

Hexad Access Duffel Backpack


Another great product is the Hexad Access Duffel Backpack. This is another awesome bag, but this one is for those needing to pack extra heavy. It is more extensive, but it is still a carry-on size for airports. I love that it has the traditional clamshell-style duffel opening and can also be styled as a duffel bag or backpack. 


This bag also provides valuable features:

  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Well-constructed zippers
  • Removable backpack straps
  • Side camera access
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Passport pocket
  • Camera protection
  • Made with waterproof tarpaulin and ballistic nylon with WR army Coating. 


Packing Abilities

The Hexad has maximum packing abilities. You can lay it flat and zip it right down the middle to easily pack your items in all sections. If you love organization, this bag will get your rocks off! A nice touch to this bag is the expandable laundry pocket, and it is perfect for those overnight trips when you want to keep your dirty clothes separate from your camera gear and clean clothes. The Hexad has a few easy-access side pockets that are awesome when you need to quickly grab items.



This bag is another home run in the comfort department. Being able to easily switch from a backpack to a duffel can really help your shoulders or back, whichever is feelin' a little sore. And if both of those options aren't working for you, you can also you the four grab handles to hold it like a tote.


Overall, these bags get a solid five stars from me. Their products are made with solid materials and have endless organizational compartments, no matter how big or small the bag is. You can tell that an actual photographer designed these bags because they know what we are looking for in the perfect bag. Compared to other camera bags out there, their price is comparable to their construction and quality. 


So what are you waiting for?! Make the purchase today to have better organization!


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