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If you are searching for a sturdy tripod, then look no further. The 3 Legged Thing brand is one you do not want to look over! 


Silly name with serious durability.  


Not only is the 3 Legged Thing one of the most robust and most rugged tripod brands currently on the market, but it also has fantastic accessories to amp up your tripods and monopods.


3 Legged Thing makes tripods, monopods, and more. Originated in the UK back in 2010, 3 Legged Thing was one of the first to make tripods that extend beyond five feet and add a pop of color to their products. Having the ability to extend your tripod higher allows for a better composition range.


Four 3 legged thing brand tripods displayed on a white background.


Advantages & Disadvantages of 3 Legged Thing:


  • Very durable
  • Neat colors
  • A wide variety of products
  • Leg position versatility
  • Easy to carry around


  • Honestly, the only disadvantage I can think of is its size. And really, its size is also one of the advantages.


The 3 Legged Thing's products are made with 8 layers of carbon fiber and are designed to take on a lot of weight (seriously, about 10x heavier than their own weight!). Even though they are durable, they are also lightweight, and having a lightweight product makes them easy to haul around.


Tripod Types:

• General Use

• Architecture & Landscape

• Studio & Portrait

• Travel

• Macro

• Wildlife

• Video


One of my recommended tripods:

Since there are quite a few tripods and monopods to choose from, I will review the Brian Tripod for you (Mike, Tommy, and Nicky are some other models). The Brian is a carbon fiber travel tripod that is extremely long-lasting and stable.


3 Legged Thing Punks Brian 2.0 Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo 2.0 Ball Head (Blue)


3 Legged Thing Punks Brian 2.0 Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Neo 2.0 Ball Head (Blue)


Here are some of the specs:

Legs: 5

Weight: 3.1 lbs

Max load: 30 lbs

Folded height: 16.14 inches

Ball head or pan/tilt head: Ball head


The Brian model is one of the taller tripods I've ever seen, standing at 16.14 inches. And somehow, with its height, it still manages to fold down into an easy travel-sized tripod that is only a little over 3 pounds. It also comes with a nylon drawstring bag. This tripod does not feel cheap, in the least bit. 


Carbon fiber is one of the best materials that will create something durable. The Brian Tripod has five leg sections that you can easily rotate into a locked position. This tripod also features bubble grips to make it even more rugged. The tripod legs can reach out and lock at 23º, 55º, and 80º from the center.


You will even get rubber feet to help keep the tripod stable and in place. The 3 Legged Thing also offers opportunities to purchase different feet for your tripod to endure varieties of terrain. You can buy claws, spikes, high spikes, and more. You can easily swap these feet out by using a hex key. 


Some of the other tools that your Brian tripod will come with are:

  • AirHed Neo ballhead
  • Punks Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate
  • Toolz - Multi-Tool, hex key, coin key, keyring, carabiner, and bottle opener 
  • Clamshell bag & bag strap
  • Microfiber Head Bag
  • Anodized magnesium alloy D-Ring


This tripod is undeniably unique. It can also convert into a monopod, selfie stick, or even a microphone boom stick through the center column.


Overall, if you are looking for a tripod or monopod that can withstand almost anything, the 3 Legged Thing brand is the way. According to the manufacturer, many of their products can support a ridiculous amount of weight. You most likely have a heavy camera and even bigger lenses. With this tripod, you won't need to worry about it buckling down and dropping your equipment. 


What else does this brand make?

Besides purchasing different feet for your gear, you can also purchase release plates and clamps. 3 Legged Thing also has two camera bag models currently available, the Valkyrie and Wraith backpacks. Their bags are made with a water-resistant fabric to help keep your electronics safe and provide ample storage.


Why should you make this purchase?

There is a high chance you have dropped a lot of money on all of your camera gear. So, why stop at the tripod? We don't want you to break the bank, but investing in a tripod that will offer you the most stability and durability is essential. Your heart may shatter if your tripod fails you and you ruing your camera equipment. Prevent that from happening!


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