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Let's be honest... family photographs can be brutal for the family and the photographer.

You may assist your clients in getting the most out of their photo sessions by educating them and providing them with the following pointers beforehand.



Ask Your Customer to Take the Time to Select Their Outfit

Make sure you have your clothes picked ahead of time and that they are both comfortable and attractive. What do your ideal family photographs look like? Are they gentle and elegant? Choose neutral hues - think creams, soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays, and slate blues…


Do you want to display your family's more playful and exuberant side? Choose complementary colors (but not matchy, matchy) with solid accent colors, such as gray with yellow or vibrant red accents. Adding trendy accessories like scarves, headbands, caps, and so on can give your photographs a modern edge and sassy vibe. 


Recommend That Your Clients Get Adequate Sleep and Proper Nutrition

Be careful not to schedule your photo session around your child's nap or bedtime. The ideal lighting occurs during the golden hours, two hours before and after sunset. If this is a bad period for your children, discuss it with your photographer.


Consider incorporating areas of open shade into your photos to obtain a beautiful color and add a sparkle to your eyes. Don't show up for a photo session on an empty stomach. Many families prepare supper because they know they will be hungry after the shoot is completed.


If you follow this strategy, offer each participant a nutritious meal before the photo session, and it keeps the pep in their step and the sparkle in their eyes. 


Tell Your Client to Budget Plenty of "Getting Ready" Time

When it comes to family photos, most moms rush around before the shoot, ensuring that their family is clothed and ready. Always encourage mothers to get their hair and makeup done professionally, and they must spoil themselves, too.


This will get her ready for her photographs and reflect favorably on the rest of the family when mom is feelin' and lookin' good. Allow plenty of time for bathing, showers, dressing, and grooming.


When a family shows up to a family photo session in a hurry and disorganized, it establishes the tone for an unorganized and rushed shoot. Allow yourself extra time to prepare to go when the time comes to start snapping away. 


Make Sure Dad is as Excited as a Mom

Dads, please come out and play. I'm aware that many dads dislike having their family photographs taken, but fathers, please grasp how important it is to preserve images of your growing family.


When your children are old enough, they'll have their own children, and you'll be a part of those stories too. The pictures in this book will stay long after you're gone, as family photographs are treasured forever.


Have Fun! You're a Family. After All

Don't be scared to toss your kids in the air. Give your wife a romantic kiss on the cheek. Tell your husband you appreciate him for being there for your family. Have a wonderful time! Make some noise and have fun!


The ideal family photographs capture the emotion and pure beauty of your clan. Leave Aunt Marge's stiff "cheese" faces behind for the next family gathering. Give your photographer a chance to catch your love through their lens by showing them who you really are.


Incorporate a Beloved Family Activity 

The most effective family sessions have included an activity that the family enjoys doing together. This gives you something to do with your hands and feet, engages the youngsters, and brings a genuine smile to your face. Do you enjoy reading as a family? Bring some books along. Is ice cream your favorite dessert? Lick some ice cream cones!


Activities include football, piggyback rides, races, bike riding, trekking, singing, and picnics – these are just a few options. The photographer has the chance to get excellent and honest photographs when families are involved in doing something they like together.


If Your Hearts are Open, Your Eyes Can Wander

The ideal photographs are frequently the ones in which everyone is engaged or interacting with one another. It's important to realize that not every picture needs to have everyone staring at the camera and smiling simultaneously.


If you're a family who loves each other, your eyes will be on your family members, and your smile will be genuine. These are the photos that you'll treasure most because they illustrate your familial bond as well as your love.


When you educate your clients about what to anticipate from their family photo session, they are more likely to be pleased with the experience. It'll lead to a successful photo shoot and gorgeous, timeless family pictures that your clients will treasure for a lifetime. 


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