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Maternity photoshoots have grown increasingly popular with new moms and the different photography trends that go with them. These trends range from sunset silhouettes, flower crowns, sheer gowns, and most recently, milk baths.


How to Make a Milk Bath for Photography?

  1. Use warm to hot water to fill the bathtub first. 
  2. Once the water is filled to your desire, add your milk. If you pour the milk first, you increase the chances of bubbles (which is something you don't want). The milk will blend better if the water is in the tub first.
  3. Let your bath rest for 15 minutes.
  4. Once you have let the bath rest, start adding the flowers. Leave some of the flower's stems to help them float better.
  5. Add a few drops of essential oils to the bath just for a pleasing aroma for your model.


The gorgeous milk bath photographs stem from an ancient Roman beauty ritual. This ritual was known for bringing out beauty. There's no wonder this beauty ritual has become a must for maternity photographs. An upcoming mother glowing, basking, and soaking in a lavish milk bath surrounded by flower petals evokes beauty.



What benefits do milk baths have?

Even the royal Cleopatra, the ancient Egyptian ruler, would bathe in milk and honey to improve her complexion. Because of the fat in milk, it is known to make your skin feel soft and smooth without oil. 


Many milk baths are enhanced by flowers and essential oils for an elegant and relaxing touch. However, because yeast feeds on sugar, your maternity model should rinse after their milk bath. Milk has a decent amount of sugar and can be a breeding ground for yeast.


Tips to Create the Perfect Milk Bath

You probably have a few questions before you actually make a milk bath for your photography model. Is a milk bath just as simple as pouring a bunch of gallons of milk into a bathtub and then sprinkling some flowers in? I will break down the best tips to create the perfect milk bath for your models.


• How much milk should be added?

Your bathtub will be the determining factor in how much milk you should purchase. Your best bet is to buy 2 gallons of milk for a standard-sized tub, and you will use water to help fill the bath.


• What type of milk should I purchase?

Purchase whole cow's milk for the photoshoot. Anything less than whole milk will be diluted and not as creamy.


• Are there any milk alternatives?

Although milk benefits the skin, some may think it is wasteful to use for just a photoshoot. If you are looking for milk alternatives, you have options! Instead of milk, look into milk bath soak products, bath bombs, or plain powdered coffee creamer.


• What should I add to the bath to give it an appealing look?

If you are familiar with milk bath photoshoots, you have probably noticed more in the tub than just milk. May photographers will add flowers to the tub to give it an even prettier look. Adding flowers gives off a Mother Nature look. Be mindful there aren't any alternatives to flowers. Ya need real ones! Artificial flowers will sink to the bottom of the tub. Try purchasing full flowers like roses, peonies, dahlias, and daisies. You can also buy bunches of wildflowers and greenery. If you buy flowers a few days before the actual photoshoot, try and get them before they have fully bloomed, and then leave them near a sunny window in water.


• Are milk bath photoshoots just for maternity models?

Absolutely not! Milk baths should not be limited to anyone, and many women will feel empowered during a milk bath photo shoot. Another great idea is doing a mommy and me shoot with a newborn! Milk baths photography is not limited to women only, men can also be photographed this way.


    What Should Your Model Wear During a Milk Bath Photoshoot?

    You may have a few models who won't mind posing in their birthday suits. However, the majority might want to wear something. Here are a few of my recommendations for what your model should wear:

    • Lace Robes

    • A Simple White Dress

    • Sheer Dresses

    • Lingerie

    • A Matching Bra and Panty Set


    Keep in mind the main focus of this photoshoot should be your model's body. Whatever is chosen for them to wear, make sure it accentuates and flatters their body while in the tub.


    Take this guide and step up your photoshoots! Milk bath photography is a great way to empower your clients and add a unique style. If you'd like to learn about posing techniques, we recommend reading Lindsay Adler's The Photographer's Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone book.


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