What is Commercial Photography | B&C Camera

What is Commercial Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

What is commercial photography, and how can you incorporate it into your resume? Amp up your photography resume by using these tips, and you will become a commercial photographer. Commercial Photography is any photo used for...

Camera Settings for Video | B&C Camera

Camera Settings for Video

Vanessa DeRousseau

Relying on your automatic settings for video is always an option, but I usually advise against it. When you use manual settings, you have complete control of your camera and what it will produce, and you will get...

Best Aperture for Portraits | B&C Camera

Best Aperture for Portraits

Vanessa DeRousseau

Camera settings are not a size fits kinda' of thing. The camera settings you choose are based on personal preference and your environment. And, since every photographer has their own opinion on settings, this will be...


Camera Settings for Bright Sunlight | B&C Camera

Camera Settings for Bright Sunlight

Vanessa DeRousseau

Bright sunlight can be seen as a photography hindrance, similar to night photography. We were also taught that a bright, direct sun would be a complete nuisance to use while taking photographs. With a few tweaks here and there, you can still capture a...

What is Bracketing in Photography | B&C Camera

What is Bracketing in Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

Amateur photographers might get confused hearing the term "bracketing." What exactly is bracketing? I am here to help you understand what it is and its importance. The technique bracketing is when you take multiple...

How to Get Into Photography | B&C Camera

How to Get Into Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau
There is a difference between just taking a photo on your phone and being a photographer. However, something happens when someone takes a picture and looks back at it and realizes that...
How to Develop Film | B&C Camera

How to Develop Film

Vanessa DeRousseau
Many people prefer digital photography over classic film, and it is quick and timely. However, you are missing out on timeless photos if you overlook the elegance of film photography. Do not hesitate to run out and...
What is Emphasis in Photography | B&C Camera

What is Emphasis in Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

Grasping the power of emphasis in photography will help you tell your story. All photographs have a focal point and need that emphasis to attract your viewer's eye. You have that focal point and other elements to...

How to Make a Stencil from a Photograph | B&C Camera

How to Make a Stencil from a Photograph

Vanessa DeRousseau

Converting photos into stencils is a neat trick to know in a pinch. Photographs you took can be used as a coloring page or even a stencil to paint a picture. Luckily for you, creating a stencil is simple, and there are a few different ways to do this. You can use...

What is Boudoir Photography | B&C Camera

What is Boudoir Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau
Boudoir photography is sweeping the photography industry with full force. Boudoir photoshoots are a way for women (and men too!) to embrace their bodies and feel completely empowered. These photos are sensual and sexy in a...
How to Make a Milk Bath for Photography | B&C Camera

How to Make a Milk Bath for Photography

Vanessa DeRousseau

The gorgeous milk bath photographs stem from an ancient Roman beauty ritual. This ritual was known for bringing out beauty. There's no wonder this beauty ritual has become a must for...

How to Photograph Birds | B&C Camera

How to Photograph Birds

Vanessa DeRousseau

Taking photographs of birds can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Many people are drawn to birds, so much, in fact, that bird-watching is becoming a trendy hobby (previously known for captivating an older crowd). Birds seem majestic and make you feel like you are...

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