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Film Photography Project is one of the neatest companies to help put the professional film industry back on the map! They sell film and accessories but also make their unique film.


Starting in 2009, this company set out to motivate photographers alike to create content to inspire an audience. Besides their film business, they also have a podcast and YouTube channel that gives in-depth product reviews, tutorials, and tips. 


However, my review today of their company is on their hand-rolled "small batch" film. Not only are their film rolls crafted to perfection, but the packaging design is also so creative with an old-school vibe. Their line includes 35mm film, 120mm film spools and 8 & 16mm double-perf motion picture film.


Working with actual film has become popular again, and there's no wondering why. The film gives you an undeniable classic and vintage look that you can't beat. It is also fun to try out different film stocks because each one has a unique look you can't get from digital photography. I strongly encourage you to give these film rolls a try. They have a line specifically designed after the classic Universal Monsters that are mind-blowing and will produce those eerie photographs that Alfred Hitchcock would swoon over.


Here is a list of some of their hand-rolled film:


RetroChrome 400 35mm film

RetroChrome 400 35mm film

RetroChrome is a High-Speed Eastman Ektachrome color positive film. This film works best with sporting events, industrial, and news photography. The RetroChrome is a color reversal film that works best in daylight. Use this film at the recommended box speed of 400.


  • Fine-grain BW 35mm Film
  • 35mm
  • 24 Exposures
  • 400 ISO
  • E-6 Processing
  • Government surplus High-Speed Eastman Ektachrome color positive film/daylight balanced.


LOVE Black & White 35mm film

LOVE Black & White 35mm film

Initially made for a U.S.-based private surveillance company, The LOVE film roll is excellent for capturing the perfect latitude. This film can easily be used as an everyday film as well.



  • DX Coded for compatible cameras
  • Process: BW
  • 24 Exposures
  • 200 ISO


Let It Snow 35mm Black and White Film ISO 100

Let It Snow 35mm Black and White Film ISO 100

This black and white film is distinctive from competitors with its fine-grain monochrome photos. The Let it Snow film roll is compatible with 35mm cameras. 


One of my favorite aspects of this film is its ability to dry flat without holding it down to keep it from wrinkling. If you are hoping to capture stunning landscape photos, this is the film you need!



Add a #25 Red Filter over your camera lens, and you will be amazed by the outcome.


This film has a spectral sensitivity of Foto-100 and extends near an infrared range of the energy spectrum. You will need to be in absolute darkness while handling this film for the best results. Keep this film roll tight in its canister to prevent light piping.



  • Fine-grain BW 35mm Film
  • Polyester base produces flat film for scanning
  • Perfect for all 35mm film cameras
  • Ltd 2021 Edition Film
  • 100 iso
  • 24 Exposure


Wolfman 35mm Film

Wolfman 35mm Film

I'm obsessed with Halloween and would buy this film because of the packaging alone. The Wolfman gives you the classic old-school horror look with its panchromatic black and white film. 


This film roll will give you an incredible tonal range and fits perfectly in 35mm film cameras. Wolfman has the same look as the Film Photography Project's black and white 16mm movie film, and it produces a medium to low grain film with a speed of ISO 100.

This film is also available in a 120mm film roll.



  • 35mm format
  • 100 ISO
  • BW Processing
  • Panchromatic BW film delivers a great tonal range.


Frankenstein 200 35mm Film

Frankenstein 200 35mm Film

Here is another ridiculously cool packaged film roll, the Frankenstein 35mm. It is a superior medium speed and grain panchromatic black and white film with an outstanding tonal range. This memorable film roll is similar to the Photography Film Project's Cine16 Motion Picture Film emulsion, and again, it delivers that classic old-school look.

This film roll is also available in 120 black and white.



  • Fine-grain BW 35mm Film
  • 35mm format
  • 100 ISO
  • BW Processing
  • Panchromatic BW film delivers a superb tonal range



Do not give the Film Photography Project a second thought when purchasing film rolls. I have been thrilled with every film roll I have tried and would love to know how your experience goes!


Are you interested in learning more about film photography? Check out my other articles on the various types of film and how to develop!


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