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At this point, I'm not sure there is anyone who doesn't know what TikTok is. Whether you're 7 or 77, I would put money on it you've heard of this social media phenomenon. Many people are even making a career out of their TikTok videos.

If you've been living under a rock for the last few years, let me tell you what TikTok is. This social media platform is a feed of short videos and is very popular. Video content started as dancing videos and has now blossomed into a social media powerhouse with so many variations of small clips.

Follow this list of popular ideas found on TikTok if you're ready to start increasing your followers or if you want to jump on the trend and finally create an account.



• Challenges •
Challenges have been circulating on social media even before TikTok. Challenges are an easy way to also rope other people in and continue the chain reaction. Think of past ones like the ice bucket, milk crate, flip the switch or, the kiki challenge. These are so popular because it's hard to watch them and not think, "OoOoOo, I want to try that!" If you want to be a trend-setter, try to figure out your own challenge that seems unique and fun.

• Dance Your Heart Out •
If you're a good dancer, it's probably easy to attract more followers. Many people can watch cool dancing videos for a long time because watching the body move in non-traditional ways is mesmerizing. So if you have rhythm, get your body moving on camera.

• Lip-Sync Videos •
Putting a personal twist and dramatics to a song is always fun. Why not record yourself doing it? Some popular TikTokers will put their spin on a song or recreate popular music videos. You can either do these in a fun and silly way or something more serious and sensual.

• Reenacting Movie Scenes •
There are so many great movie scenes that people could watch over and over. Take this opportunity to turn classics into your own! I suggest putting comedy into your reenactments to garner more attention.

• Animals Always Win •
Literally, everyone loves a cute animal video. Animal videos seem to capture the attention of young and old almost immediately. If you have a furry friend, take a funny video! Actually, take a bunch!

• Art Videos •
Show off your artistic abilities by making a video! This can be anything from a soothing painting video or a DIY tie-dye clip.

• Answering Questions •
This one sounds a bit silly...answering questions? Yep, answer questions. However, put a spin on it by combining it with a song. This one has taken TikTok by storm and, almost everyone is trying it. Here's an example: Question: Why did your husband marry you? Answer: Play the song "Back that Azz Up."

• Satisfying Videos •
I totally fall for these every night, especially when trying to get my kids to fall asleep. There's also a reason why people are creating videos like these; they are mesmerizing. Here are some examples:

• People making candy at a factory
• Cookie decorating
• Putting toys or items through a hydraulic press
• Powerwashing
• Industrial shredders
• Paint mixing
• Cutting fruit
• And so much more!


• Voiceover Commentary •
You can use any video for this and add your commentary to it. This one is great for storytelling or even creating something funny from unassuming characters.

• Makeover Videos •
Makeovers are always fun! They can be anything from someone's clothing style, makeup, or even hairstyles. This idea is pretty popular among fashion influencers or people in the beauty industry.

• Fitness Videos •
Here's a fun one for fitness influencers or if you are a workout enthusiast. People love to be motivated by others and use workout plans from others.

• Food Videos •
Since TikTok is shorter clips, it can be a bit difficult to post cooking videos. However, it can still be done if you speed your videos up and almost make it a "shorthand" version. You can also take videos of fabulous dishes you tried from fun restaurants.

• Freeze-Frame Videos •
For this, you can use the freeze-frame filter on TikTok. This one can be fun and show off cute pictures you've taken.

• Daily Life Videos •
Here's another opportunity to attract new viewers. Sometimes something as simple as your daily routine can be interesting. Here are some examples:
• Moms and how they go about their mornings with kids.
• Influencers can show what goes on in their daily life
• Someone who lives off the grid

• Reaction Videos •
These can be so much fun or even have a more serious tone. You can easily show your reaction to something that happened on the news, someone else's makeover and, more.

• Remember, Get Creative! •
Just be you and get creative. Hopefully, these will inspire you to have fun and TikTok away! If you want to separate yourself, try to think outside the box. Try to foresee what the next big trend will be.

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