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When it comes to Instagram selfies, there's no sense in recreating the wheel. We know what works so why not adopt the more popular ideas and make them your own!




Instagram Selfie Ideas unique background plants

• Find a Unique Background
Set your stage with a background that is trendy or unique. Your scenery tells as much of a story as your selfie will. Some popular ideas are in front of murals, foliage or, even a music fest.

• The Rule of Thirds
Keep in mind the rule of thirds, even with selfies. Your face should always be in one of the top corners of your photo. Depending on your background, the lower corners may work well too. For better positioning, look into one of our selfie-sticks. You can read an entire blog dedicated to composition here.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - lights

• Lights, Camera, Action
I'll rarely talk about photography tips without bringing up lighting. Having proper lighting is one of the lifelines of a great photo. Photography 101 will tell you to always face your light and never turn your back to a light source. Another great option is checking out a ring light.

• Showcase Your Life
Tell a story with your selfies and highlight moments from your life. Something as momentous as graduating from school or taking a cooking class is always a fun option. People live vicariously through social media, so showing off fun adventures or vacations is another opportunity to take a selfie.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - high angle - different perspective

• Try Different Perspectives
Most of us know our best angle but, some of us don't. Try new angles and perspectives when snapping your selfie. Usually, holding the camera or phone at a slightly higher angle accentuates your facial features.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - welfies

• Welfies
Welfies?! Yep, welfies. Welfies are just group selfies. This is a great way to incorporate family and friends into your photos. It also breaks up your Instagram feed if you have a majority of selfies. It's also a great idea to snap some shots with someone you love. Although your face is hidden, one of the more notorious photos with a loved one is where you're facing forward, and the one taking the photo is holding your hand. So it almost looks as if you're leading the viewer somewhere.

• Be Candid
Try taking selfies with authentic facial expressions. Gone are the days of the pouted lip selfie. Try to make your viewer feel the same emotions as you and capture your authentic self. The idea is to take a beach selfie while sipping on a drink, and the wind is blowing through your hair. Another example would be after a workout and having a look on your face showing accomplishment. You want your audience to feel good and motivated while looking through your feed.

• Smize
Depending on how old you are, there's a good chance you've heard of a "smize" from good ol' Tyra Banks on America's Next Top Model (yikes, am I showing my age on this one?!). Tyra Banks constantly told the contestants they needed to know how to "smize." A smize is when you smile with your eyes. Focusing on your eyes is always a good tip because the eyes are the windows to everyone's soul. Play around with your camera and the way you look at it when you're taking photos.

You can always try hiding your face behind an object and just showing your eyes. This is a common photography idea that many have used for years.

• Look at the Camera Lens
If you are using a camera with flippable lcd screen, don't look at the camera's screen, it's a huge no-no and can make your eyes look wonky. Always look at the actual lens when taking the photo.

• You Have More Than Just a Face
Try taking photographs of other parts of your body. If you're at the beach tanning, take a snapshot of your legs and feet in the sand. If you have new jewelry, you can take a picture of your hands to show off your bling.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - mirror

• Mirror Selfies
Take advantage of reflections when taking photos. Use a decorative mirror, a friends' sunglasses or, even a storefront window. Using reflections often gives a unique perspective to your selfie.

• Accessorize
Add some flair to your photos and bring an accessory. Large floppy hats are all the rage at the beach. Use a beanie with a pom at the top during those snowy months.

• Vacation Hot Spots
I mentioned before that people like to live vicariously through others. Find some unusual or trendy spots while vacationing to snap some shots. Think of mountain peaks, waterfalls, or other beautiful areas with gorgeous scenery.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - dog - furry friends

• Add Your Furry Friends
Most pets end up being a part of your family, so why not take a selfie with them. Photos with pets are a guaranteed win because who doesn't love the pure cuteness of those furballs?!

• Bright Colors
Vibrant colors will make your photos pop and stand out. You can use bright red lipstick, add a colorful floral bouquet, or even a brightly covered mural behind you.

• Silhouettes
Play with shapes and detail by taking a silhouette photo. Always use strong backlighting when taking this approach.


Instagram Selfie Ideas - underwater

• Underwater
Try a neat technique by taking a photo underwater. The best and easiest way to do this is by using an action cameras like GoPro or Insta360.

• Fun & Flirty
Try blowing a kiss for your selfie or lying in bed. Sometimes an innocent flirty photo is fun and adventurous.

• Cooking in the Kitchen
Show your chef's hat by taking a photo in the kitchen. Take a snapshot of you whipping something up for breakfast or even dinner. Or, show off what you're sippin' on. This can be a latte or even a martini. Fun drinks with cool designs and colors are always fun photo opportunities.

• Hair & Makeup
Are you a beauty queen or a whiz at doing yourself up? Show off fun hairdos or makeup tricks in your selfies. Many people out there use photos like these for inspiration when doing their hair and makeup.

• And Of Course, Filters
Filters, especially the ones on Snapchat, are so popular. They can make so many photos fun and cute. You can try using an animal filter that gives you cute dog ears and a tongue or even the filters that give your face an extra glow.

All of these ideas can help brighten up your social media feed with fun and trendy selfie ideas. And remember, to take your selfies to another level, it's always a good idea to use presets, actions, and overlays. You can purchase these through various sites or take a class on how to to use Photoshop.

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