Tamron and B&C Camera Present:

Martian Invasion and Night Sky Photography Road Trip Expedition

Saturday, October 6th

Road Trip Starts at 3:00 PM

(Back in Las Vegas at 1:15 AM)

Attention, photographers and UFO enthusiasts! Tamron and B&C Camera are excited to take you on a Martian Invasion and Night Sky Photography Road Trip Expedition!

Join us for a road trip along the Extraterrestrial Highway to the final frontier — Rachel, Nevada, a small town on the outskirts of the world-famous Area 51. Our remote destination will be the Little A’Le’Inn, an alien-themed restaurant and bar devoted to the otherworldly mysteries of the Nevada desert. 

This location has been featured in movies and television, but it’s not every day they allow Earthling photographers access to their “top-secret UFO crash site!” ;)

On this Road Trip Expedition, you will be able to participate in two extraordinary photo shoots:

Martian Invasion

Diversify your portfolio with a photo shoot of our most ambitious and creative set to date! Expect “martian” sightings (martians may or may not look like two professional models in elaborate costumes), and keep your shutter-finger ready for out-of-this-world surprises.

Night Sky Photography

Search for signs of life among the stars with Ken Hubbard! Point your lens at the horizon for breathtaking images of Nevada’s night sky. Multiple Tamron experts and members of your friendly B&C Camera team will be there to guide you.

This trip is completely organized for your convenience. Sit back, relax, and get inspired! A luxury charter bus will take you to and from the location. Private vehicles will not be allowed.

Boldly go where no photographer has gone before! 

Road Trip Schedule: 

3:00 PM Meet up time  

3:20 PM Buses depart 

                During the ride, enjoy an on-bus Tamron Video Presentation 

5:45 PM Attendees arrive at Rachel, NV

6:00 PM Tamron loaner equipment booth opens

                Quick intro to camera settings, ideas, photoshoot locations.

6:30 PM Night Sky Photography photo shoot with Ken Hubbard begins

7:30 PM Dinner 

8:00 PM Martian Invasion photo shoot begins 

                Night Sky Photography photo shoot with Ken Hubbard continues

11:00 PM Buses depart from Rachel, NV

1:15 AM Attendees arrive back to Las Vegas

Ticket Price: $75.00


  • Transportation:
  • Luxury charter bus ride to and from the event location

  • Dinner:
  • Baked Chicken, Vegetable Alfredo/ Pasta, Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy, 2 Vegetables, Green Salad (3 Dressing options), Bread, Cake/Jello, and Soft Drinks included

  • Two Photoshoots:
  • Martian Invasion photo shoot
  • Night Sky Photography photo shoot lead by Ken Hubbard

  • Tamron Lenses & Guidance:
  • Free Tamron loaner lenses
  • On-site expert advice from multiple Tamron representatives

Registration has been closed.

This event is sold out.


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