B&C Camera Gallery

Because you are more than just a photographer, we are more than just a camera store. Together, we are a hub for Las Vegas's photo and video community. We're proud to give you the B&C Hub.

April 9th, 2022

1:30 - 3:30 PM

Featured photographer:

Warren Lee

Warren Lee is an award winning, internationally published, artist and speaker. He has curated a collection of over 30 of his fine art prints for a private conference center and office complex. From the tiny to the vast he specializes in finding and sharing, through fine art prints, portions of the amazing wonder and joy around us. He is entranced by wildlife. "Critters" in motion and landscapes are personal favorites - especially the wonder of humming birds, majesty of eagles and grandeur of the night sky. 

Warren is an Air Force veteran. Between active duty and federal service, he has served our nation for over 40 years. Prints purchased as a gift for service to our nation (including military, federal service and first responders) for current service, for retirement or in memorial are discounted. It is important to leave things a little better than we find them.

Warren feels remarkably blessed to be able to see and share a some of the beauty of wildlife around us. Sales of wildlife prints result in a donation to Hawks Aloft Inc. or the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center.


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